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The Rewards Factory: Two Decades of Innovation, Growth, and Success

As The Rewards Factory celebrates its 20th anniversary, we reflect on a remarkable journey of innovation and success. Founded in 2004, the company has evolved from humble beginnings into an industry leader in rewards and recognition.  From Teleshop to The […]

PLP Group earns New Gen Award for innovative intranet redefining employee assistance and rewards

Johannesburg, South Africa, October 2023 — PLP Group, the leading employee benefit specialist company in South Africa, proudly announces its prestigious New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards win for its ground-breaking intranet platform designed exclusively for its employees. This […]

Amazing employee perks at top SA companies

Gauteng, Johannesburg, October. We spend the majority of our lives at the office. Thus, finding a job that makes your working life more enjoyable, will make your life better overall; because as we know when things at work are not […]

How to take your business to new heights

Gauteng, Johannesburg, September. On the 15th of September PLP announced that their personal assistant app, Hey Jude, is now available to SMEs. “Hey Jude is a virtual personal assistant that’s available to you any time of the day or night,” […]

VW meets PLP Group for lifestyle programme

As a leader in innovation and as one of South Africa’s top employers, Volkswagen Group South Africa was looking for an employee support and engagement programme to further distinguish itself as an employer of choice to those who work at […]

New technology is helping to shape the modern workspace

There have been huge advancements in technology in recent years and this not only affects employee behaviour but it also has a significant impact on what the modern workforce expects from their employer.

Want a more engaged workforce? Follow these 2017 trends

Of the world’s one billion workers that are employed full-time, only 15% are actively engaged at work. This is according to a global poll conducted by Gallup, an American performance-management consulting organisation. Employee engagement is slowly increasing as it becomes […]

The Employee Engagement Journey: This is where you begin

Engaged employees are more confident and content, and they are capable of making better and more innovative decisions. With an engaged workforce you boost morale, increase productivity and improve the prospect of achieving your company’s goals. Once you have decided […]

The four reasons you need an employee engagement programme

Do you want your business to be successful? Your foundation needs to be built on staff members who are happy, motivated and productive; staff who are engaged. By investing in an effective employee engagement programme, your company benefits in abundant […]

Do you need to reward your employees?

Everyone wants to be recognised and rewarded when they work hard, and your employees are no different. A reward is a conscious way to acknowledge that their effort, behaviour and hard work has contributed to the success of the company, […]

White Label Mobile App

Just when you think that a concierge service is what you need to make your life simpler, along comes technology with an even better solution: a digital personal assistant app.

Innovative Digital Technology

Use innovative digital technology to transform your business Is your business being left behind when it comes to technology? Innovation in this industry is happening at a rapid rate and it’s essential for companies to adapt to these changes to […]

Can humans and Artificial Intelligence be friends?

Everyone has watched at least one science fiction movie where a super intelligent robot goes rogue and tries to destroy all humanity. It might seem like a scenario best left in a movie script, but for some innovators (including Bill […]

Five tips to ensure brand loyalty

With a resource like the Internet readily available, customers and employees are far more empowered and educated about their choices than ever before. This means that brands looking to retain and grow genuinely loyal followers need to work even harder […]

Boost Your Customer Retention

In an ambitious economy such as ours, how do you stand out from your competitors? How do you ensure that you retain your customers? The answer is simple, a digital, customised benefits programme. With technological developments, it’s becoming easier to […]

Is there space for concierge services in the on-demand economy?

The PLP Group is taking their concierge services to new heights by incorporating on-demand technology in their product offerings. Not only is the on-demand economy reinforcing how consumers interact with businesses but it’s also forcing businesses to relook their business strategies.

PLP and Intraday Automation

With the on-demand economy forcing organisations to relook how they interact with clients, it comes as no surprise that call centres are incorporating Intraday Automation into their everyday tasks.