Amazing employee perks at top SA companies

Gauteng, Johannesburg, October. We spend the majority of our lives at the office. Thus, finding a job that makes your working life more enjoyable, will make your life better overall; because as we know when things at work are not going great, very often those feelings filter through to the other areas in your life.

Office perks go a long way to making your work-life more enjoyable. In fact, Glassdoor, a career site, notes that over 50% of job seekers consider the perks and benefits when deciding to accept a job, and almost 80% of employees would prefer new and better benefits over a pay raise.

Hence, more and more employers are searching for new ways in which to improve their employee benefits beyond the standard vacation days and pension funds to attract new talent. So, other than the “perk-giants” Google, Facebook, Netflix, etc., what can you expect from five of SA’s top companies?


They are a leading professional service providing company that delivers services to more than 40 industries across 120 countries. Accenture integrates companies and technology in order to assist their clients to improve their performance and increase their value for stakeholders. It goes without saying that their employees are under extreme pressure.

Accenture assists their employees through their everyday lives by offering them an accent on life app. This app has been specially designed to suit their employees’ lives and acts as a personal assistant. As the app is on their mobile devices, they can access it any time of the day, anywhere in the world and request just about anything their hearts desire.


Who doesn’t know SA’s favourite video entertainment and internet company? MultiChoice launched their first pay TV channel (M-Net) in 1986, and have grown and developed their product into the monster it is today. It is impossible to build such a tremendous company without having loyal employees.

As a way to reward their employees for their work, MultiChoice offers their employees MLife, a dedicated employee engagement programme. One of the exciting aspects of this programme is the MLife concierge desk; it’s installed in their building, allowing employees the opportunity to submit personal tasks that need to be completed.

The concierge service includes, but are not limited to:

  • Bank deposits (limited amount)
  • Collection or exchange of purchased items
  • Personal document deliveries/collections
  • Dry cleaning/laundry deliveries/collections
  • Medication collections/deliveries
  • Post Office collections/deliveries
  • Traffic infringement payments
  • Vehicle licence disc renewals


Pfizer South Africa forms part of the globally-renowned Pfizer Inc. They are the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company. Their products range from vaccines through to ophthalmology; they are the largest consumer healthcare products provider in South Africa.

All Pfizer employees have access to the Pfizer Cares employee benefits programme. Again, there is a multitude of benefits, but what stands out most is the Travel benefit. Employees can speak to dedicated travel agents that can not only negotiate exceptional deals on accommodation and transport, but they can also schedule visa meetings, provide inoculation information and arrange activities for the holiday. Basically, employees only have to phone, say where they want to go (nationally or internationally) and pack their bags.


Microsoft is a world-famous company. Their South African branch focuses on enabling people to be more productive in their professional and personal lives through digital innovations to enjoy more free time. However, they understand that people are at the core of their business and that by taking care of their employees, their customers will be better off.

One of the ways Microsoft aids their employees is through their Life@Home programme. It’s a benefit that helps them simplify their home life, giving them more time for the things they love. All members have access to Tutor on Call; it’s a homework helpline that assists all Grade 1 to 12 pupils in all major South African languages.


We all know the yellow umbrella insurance brand. Santam is South Africa’s leading general insurance provider. They have over 1 million policyholders on their books ranging from specialist business owners to private individuals, and they employ more than 5 000 people nationwide.

Through the yell for yellow programme, employees have access to brand name products and services at up to 75% off. These deals include just about anything: accommodation, clothing, stationery, home appliances, spa deals, photoshoots, and much, much more.

“By offering your employees the benefits they crave, you can add your company to the list of places where South Africans want to work. At PLP SA we create an array of employee benefits and services that can be tailored to any business to their specific needs,” says Heino Gehle, PLP SA General Manager.

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