VW meets PLP Group for lifestyle programme

As a leader in innovation and as one of South Africa’s top employers, Volkswagen Group South Africa was looking for an employee support and engagement programme to further distinguish itself as an employer of choice to those who work at the company.

VW required a programme that would speak to the needs of staff members. It was essential that it helped employees with everyday tasks, which would then allow them to be fully present at work. In addition, the programme also needed to provide services that benefitted the employee’s entire household. VW approached PLP Group for a solution.

VW Personal Assistant is the new lifestyle programme that PLP Group has launched for Volkswagen Group South Africa. The exclusive programme provides 24/7 services to the company’s employees and their immediate family members. It has been specifically designed to help the 3 876 VW staff members get chores done.

The programme provides a wide variety of valued benefits, discount offers and essential services, with the top five services being: Assist, Dial-A-Teacher, Wuhu Deals, Discount Travel, Edcon Vouchers, and Quantifi.

All of the VW Personal Assistant services have been designed to help VW employees save time every day, while also adding value to their lives. One of the most appreciated of these is Dial-A-Teacher, which provides access to educational assistance outside of the school environment. While a tutor is ordinarily expensive and hard to come by, the Dial-A-Teacher service has bridged this gap for parents at VW, as they now have access to qualified teachers who will help their children in their academic endeavours.

PLP Group understands the unique needs of South African employees, which is why a “please call me” function has been included in the VW Personal Assistant programme. To date this unique service offering is PLP Group’s biggest roll-out of access without internet, and it has enabled the company to reach more staff, more effectively, in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Uitenhage and Port Elizabeth.

Companies are often tasked with solving the micro problems that affect their staff and ultimately the business itself. If you are looking for a programme that assist your employees handle their daily chores, while also keeping them actively engaged and productive at work, speak to PLP Group today on 011 449 7300.