PLP Group earns New Gen Award for innovative intranet redefining employee assistance and rewards

Johannesburg, South Africa, October 2023 — PLP Group, the leading employee benefit specialist company in South Africa, proudly announces its prestigious New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards win for its ground-breaking intranet platform designed exclusively for its employees. This remarkable achievement underscores PLP Group’s pioneering approach to enhancing and revolutionising employee assistance and rewards, setting a new industry standard for the welfare of its entire workforce.

The journey began with the recognition that their pre-existing and basic intranet, though functional, no longer met the evolving needs of their employees, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 lockdown. It became evident that a comprehensive solution was required to provide easy access to their employee assistance programme, enhance engagement and communication, facilitate training, increase collaboration, and establish a platform for recognising and rewarding outstanding work.

Adrian Zanetti, MD of PLP Group, explains, “We envisioned an intranet that was not just practical but valuable, engaging and enjoyable, setting it apart from conventional corporate platforms. Furthermore, it had to cater to our diverse workforce, spanning contact centre staff, professionals, and teams working abroad.”

To bring this vision to life, PLP Group enlisted Stratitude, its full-service marketing agency renowned for its award-winning work across PLP Group’s employee programmes for clients such as MultiChoice, Accenture, Santam and many others. Zanetti praised Stratitude, stating, “Stratitude played a pivotal role in crafting an intranet platform that exceeded our functional needs; they seamlessly integrated the platform with our culture and employee assistance initiatives.”

At its core, the intranet aimed to facilitate efficient communication and provide comprehensive employee assistance solutions, offering a wide range of accessible tools and features. Neil Bromehead, Stratitude’s Technical Director, emphasises, “The purpose of this intranet was clear: to empower employees with effective assistance and rewards benefits while enabling two-way communication and information sharing.”

The implementation of the PLP Universe intranet has yielded impressive results. It boasts an extraordinary 72% monthly engagement rate across the entire business, vividly demonstrating its efficacy in promoting communication and collaboration. Notably, the reward and recognition platform within the intranet maintains an impressive average engagement rate of 61% per month, serving as a testament to its positive impact on employee morale and motivation.

This prestigious award firmly solidifies PLP Group’s unwavering commitment to employee assistance and engagement, extending beyond the solutions they provide to employers. It encompasses the innovative tools and platforms they offer to their own workforce.

Zanetti expressed his enthusiasm upon receiving the award, saying, “We are elated to receive the New Gen Award for our intranet platform, which underscores our dedication to our employees and our pioneering approach in offering top-tier employee solutions. PLP Universe not only enhances communication and collaboration but is a testament to our commitment to employee wellbeing, fostering engagement, and revolutionising employee assistance and rewards for the betterment of our entire workforce.”

This achievement sets a new industry standard and firmly establishes PLP Group as a trailblazer in employee-centric solutions.