How to take your business to new heights

Gauteng, Johannesburg, September. On the 15th of September PLP announced that their personal assistant app, Hey Jude, is now available to SMEs.

“Hey Jude is a virtual personal assistant that’s available to you any time of the day or night,” says Heino Gehle, PLP SA General Manager. “By combining sophisticated AI with a human customer interface, we can solve our client requests in real-time. SMEs can benefit greatly from Hey Jude, as this app is designed to save your business time, money and aggravation.”

No longer do business owners have to source products, material or services, or spend hours on the phone to negotiate a better price – Hey Jude does it all. The only thing that’s needed is for the business owner to submit their request, await Hey Jude’s suggestions and choose an option that’s best suited to their desires.

Hey Jude, thus, opens several doors to SMEs. They can cut costs on data and phone bills, and they don’t have to hire staff to fill PA or negotiator roles. Also, while the Judes are sourcing and negotiating quotes on their behalf, the business owners can focus on other tasks that require their attention. In addition, as this is a business tool, the costs can be added to tax return claims.

A current Hey Jude SME client is a wedding planner; she uses Hey Jude daily and more often than not, several times a day. From finding material to match the bridal colours to locating wedding venues – anything her couples need for their happy day. What gives her an even bigger benefit is that the Judes negotiate better prices for her, which ultimately saves the couples money.

Another prime example of the Hey Jude SME benefit is a contractor that’s making use of the app. Through relying on these services, he’s able to find specific materials and finishes for his customers, while also offering them better prices. Hence, he can complete his jobs quicker and more affordable.

“In a day and age where everyone is looking for a better deal, it just makes sense to find a way to offer your clients and customers more – Hey Jude is that way,” concludes Gehle.

Contact PLP Group today on 011 449 7300 or visit to find out more about how Hey Jude can take your business further.