Innovative Digital Technology

Use innovative digital technology to transform your business

Is your business being left behind when it comes to technology? Innovation in this industry is happening at a rapid rate and it’s essential for companies to adapt to these changes to stay ahead of their competitors. If you have a traditional business model, you need to alter the way you think about and consume technology in order to grow into a successful digital business.

In an increasingly technology-driven world, it’s more than likely that your customers, competitors and suppliers have already incorporated digital technology into their daily operations. For an organisation it has many benefits including market growth and a boost in revenue, an increase in efficiency and productivity, and greater opportunities for innovation, but for the organisation to benefit they must use the tools at their disposal.

For PLP Group, technology forms the foundation for all their operations and this is why digital innovation is so essential. One example of how PLP Group has modernised their offering, because of changing consumer demands, is the launch of the Your Wheels app.

As the price of new vehicles has increased during the past two years, it has resulted in more buyers looking for second-hand cars. To support this shift in consumer needs, PLP Group, through its subsidiary company Telewheels, has developed Your Wheels – an app for buyers and sellers.
Users of the app have a secure platform where they can search for reliable vehicles at a price that is suitable for them. The app is user-friendly and the entire buying and selling process is transparent. If you’re selling your vehicle you can upload all the relevant information (including images) in a few easy steps, and if you’re buying a vehicle you get assistance through the whole process (including finance).

Your Wheels was launched in December 2016 and it is available for Android and iOS. If you require any more information please visit: