Is there space for concierge services in the on-demand economy?

The PLP Group is taking their concierge services to new heights by incorporating on-demand technology in their product offerings. Not only is the on-demand economy reinforcing how consumers interact with businesses but it’s also forcing businesses to relook their business strategies.

“By embracing these developments we can build a stronger support system for our service deliveries, which in turn, allows us to assist our clients better,” said Heino Gehle, PLP SA General Manager.

“Regardless of how ‘on-demand’ consumers are, they are always looking for a more personalised way of service engagement. For instance, contacting a client afterwards to ensure that he or she is satisfied with what they received. Yes, you can simply send out a survey and hope that your customers complete it, but by phoning someone, you can connect with them on a personal level, ensuring a more satisfying experience,” explained Gehle.

With the PLP Group being at the forefront of customised concierge service delivery, their packages also include a designated concierge desk and driver at their client’s offices. By combing the on-site concierge desk (easy access), a concierge app or website (24/7 availability) and drivers, their clients’ employees will get the full-service package. Employees can have all their errands taken care of without leaving the office. Hence, employees can focus all their attention on their daily tasks, while the concierge services renew vehicle licences, buy new school shoes, or even organise lifts to the airport.

The on-demand economy is not going anywhere, but it’s just not enough to give consumers what they want when they want it, organisations need to ensure that clients also receive personalised service and attention when interacting with them through a medium of their choice. This is the next phase of the on-demand economy.

Gehle said that “by combining traditional concierge services and technology, we can give our clients the best of both worlds. They will get the immediate feedback and assistance they require, the personal touch they desire as well as the ease of having their requests solved as soon as possible – why wait three days for delivery when our drivers can pick it up straight away.”

“Concierge services aren’t going anywhere; they’ll just get better and better,” added Gehle.

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