Want a more engaged workforce? Follow these 2017 trends

Of the world’s one billion workers that are employed full-time, only 15% are actively engaged at work. This is according to a global poll conducted by Gallup, an American performance-management consulting organisation. Employee engagement is slowly increasing as it becomes more of a priority for business leaders. Here are six trends to watch for 2017.

  1. Digital technologyPeople today are constantly on various social media platforms throughout their day, whether it’s at home or at the office, and just as they expect instant communication in their personal life, so will they in their professional one. One change that is anticipated is that annual reviews will be replaced with more real-time feedback, where staff comments can be dealt with immediately and directly.
  2. Employee wellnessBurnout is a real concern as work hours increase and holidays decrease. This leads to employees who are not productive or engaged when they’re at the office. This is why HR departments will move to take on a more holistic role and shift their focus to employee wellness and helping staff and teams perform optimally.
  3. Millennials matterThis generation is starting to enter the workforce in large numbers, and they need to be managed in a different way. Millennials don’t enjoy hierarchy and they find old management practices (such as annual reviews) tedious. They want transparency, and to be inspired and led. They will stay in companies that help them grow.
  4. RestructuringMany businesses are replacing their hierarchical structure with a more horizontal one. These businesses believe that this will allow their staff to be more effective, as they get to see the direct impact that their contribution has on the company. This will in turn boost their morale and increases their job satisfaction.
  5. Building trustTrust is fundamental in creating a more engaged workforce. When there is trust between staff, leaders, and the business, it helps to form teams that are not only highly motivated and more passionate about their jobs, but are also actively engaged.
  6. Recognition programmesOne of the biggest factors playing a role in an employee’s job satisfaction, is recognition. While recognition is essential, the frequency and the delivery is just as important and this depends on the culture of individual companies. To have more engaged staff, you need to implement more effective employee recognition and reward programmes.

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