PLP and Intraday Automation

With the on-demand economy forcing organisations to relook how they interact with clients, it comes as no surprise that call centres are incorporating Intraday Automation into their everyday tasks.

The automation of call centre processes not only increase the value of the industry, but it also reduces the frequency of repetitive tasks, freeing up agents for more productive and valuable activities.

“We are constantly searching for new ways in which to improve the customer experience and journey,” said Shalandra Bunseelal, Group Operations Manager for PLP SA. “By implementing Intraday Automation, certain everyday tasks are made easier, thus enabling our operators to respond to customers in real-time as they’ll spend less time on complex jobs. Hence, it is now possible for us to assist customers more effectively and efficiently.”

By marrying inbound and outbound contact centres with new technological development, organisations can produce the best results without losing the immensely important personal and human touch that consumers crave.

“In structuring our call centres to be more dependable on technology, we’re able to source solutions more accurately, such as finding a plumber at midnight, find solutions worldwide, for example shipping a piano from Dubai, and bring complex tasks together, for instance assisting a love-struck romantic in proposing to his girlfriend at the airport,” explained Bunseelal.

“The automation of call centre processes, enable us to deliver more thoroughly on our customer promise of taking care of anything, anywhere and anytime, provided that it’s legal,” said Bunseelal.

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