Boost Your Customer Retention

In an ambitious economy such as ours, how do you stand out from your competitors? How do you ensure that you retain your customers? The answer is simple, a digital, customised benefits programme. With technological developments, it’s becoming easier to build and implement digital platforms to reward your customers for their support.

So how can you effectively use a digital benefits programme to improve customer retention? Through the following five methods.

Get to know your customers

Digital platforms are excellent tools to gather and analyse customer behaviour. No two customers behave in the same way, which is why you can’t implement a one-size-fits-all solution. Use the digital platform to better understand when your customers are visiting your online pages, where they spend most of their time and how they respond to promotional material. You can also set up surveys about your service offerings and their interests to gain even more insights into what your customers want.

Effective communication

The on-demand economy requires businesses to be available at all times and at the ready for their customers, which is where a digital system comes into play. A system such as this, that is also mobile-friendly, will enable your customers to access your promotions and offerings whenever they need and desire. On top of all this, you’ll be able to set notifications reminding customers about all the offers available if they haven’t logged on for a certain period.

Offer more accurate promotions

Once you have a better idea of who your customers are and where their interests lie, you’ll have a clearer direction when designing effective marketing plans and promotions. A digital system will also provide you with the tools needed to track customer responses to specials, enabling you to adapt your offerings continuously answering your customers’ needs. Hence, by staying relevant in your customer’s eyes, they will be less likely to search for solutions elsewhere.

Bring first-timers back

In order for any business to succeed customer acquisition, and ultimately converting them into regulars, is a must, for this reason you need to stand out amongst your competitors. User-friendly, on-demand benefits programmes are excellent tools to be noticed, but even more so, if you offer first-timer promotions. By implementing a digital benefits programme, you’ll be able to track the customers more effectively as well as send them welcoming correspondence thanking them for their support. Once they’ve experienced your exceptional service, they will be more inclined to turn to your establishment again.

Give customers a reason to be loyal

A benefits programme’s main goal is to reward and thank your customers for using your services, ultimately, incentivising your offerings. Create, for example, a point or a tier system, which can easily be tracked online and where your customers can view and monitor their progress to achieve certain promotion-goals. If they have a valuable goal to work towards, they will be more inclined to return to your business. Use the data you’ve acquired via the digital platforms to determine, more accurately, what your ‘goal offerings’ should be.

PLP has built a comprehensive network of suppliers, and a vast experience in building and maintaining benefits programmes, ensuring that we deliver quality rewards via a user-friendly platform. Contact PLP today on 011 449 7300 if you are in need of a customer and employee lifestyle benefits programme that’ll give your customers a reason to stay other than your great products and service.