Five tips to ensure brand loyalty

With a resource like the Internet readily available, customers and employees are far more empowered and educated about their choices than ever before. This means that brands looking to retain and grow genuinely loyal followers need to work even harder to stay ahead of the competition. Here are five points to get you started:


When you deliver a tailored customer or employee lifestyle benefit programme that provides more value than the cost of membership, it makes your customers or employees feel appreciated and rewarded. They associate this value with your brand which creates a sense of loyalty and establishes a psychological attachment to your brand. As they see the advantages of remaining loyal, it’s a hugely effective retention strategy.


Whatever your product or service, it’s essential that you are consistent – particularly if you depend on repeat purchases or ongoing subscriptions. Customers want predictability and when you deliver on your promises, you gain their support and business. In the same way, employees also want consistency in the workplace as it builds trust and respect which creates a productive work environment.


A positive social media presence is vital for businesses in today’s interactive world. Customers and employees want to engage with a brand in real-time and they want it to be personal and transparent. Nurturing social media relationships can take time but you also gain indispensable information that you can use to improve your products or services. Choose the right platform to engage with your followers and have an active presence.


The information you get on social platforms (along with other tools like surveys) can help you figure out desires of your customers and the needs of your employees. By getting a clearer understanding of what they want, you can make better decisions. When you pay attention to your followers you can satisfy their needs and they’ll repay you with loyalty.


Customers will consider your competition if they feel neglected or they’re unhappy, which is why you need to go beyond the call of duty when it comes to customer service (and HR services for your employees). By delivering higher than expected and consistent levels of service – particularly at touch points – you get happy customers who then go on to become your unofficial brand ambassadors and sell your business through word of mouth.

We all know that it’s the loyal and satisfied customers and employees who add the most value to your bottom line. So, if you’re looking for customer or employee lifestyle benefit programmes that help you establish genuine brand loyalty, you need PLP Group. Call us on 011 449 7300 or visit and we’ll help you acquire, retain and build meaningful and profitable relationships with your stakeholders.