White Label Mobile App

Just when you think that a concierge service is what you need to make your life simpler, along comes technology with an even better solution: a digital personal assistant app.

Yes, there are other personal assistant apps out there, but what makes the new PLP concierge lifestyle app so unique, is that it’s the world’s first hybrid human artificial intelligence app.

At PLP Group we live for innovation and so this app uses the latest in technology to organise and sift through data, process transactions, and streamline the search and request process. But then we have an experienced call centre with 700 human agents who use their common sense and problem-solving abilities to make informed decisions based on the information they receive. By combining these two factors we ensure that requests are answered as efficiently and appropriately as possible.

So, just how do clients benefit from this new offering?

If you provide a benefit programme to employees or customers, we can white label the PLP app and develop it to seamlessly integrate into your current programme. Through the app, members have an even easier way to use their services and access the deals and discounts available to them. It makes your current benefit programme more accessible and more convenient to members.

For companies that don’t offer a concierge service or have an app, the white labelled PLP app will extend your business offering and provide a gateway to your brand. Not only does it facilitate easier communication between members and your company, but the app also assists members to manage their life in an easier way – every day.

At PLP Group we strive to provide our clients with innovative solutions and that’s why we’ve developed this new product offering. Not only does it deliver a lifestyle-on-demand service to all members, but it also helps clients strengthen brand loyalty.

For more information about PLP’s new lifestyle concierge app, or to see how we can help you, please call +27 11 449 7300.