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Board of Directors

“Digital developments are a key platform through which we grow.”

At PLP Group, we pride ourselves on being innovative and technological thinkers. We understand that disruption is occurring in all industry sectors and, more often than not, at a rate greater than those industries can respond to; thus, PLP Group has been playing an integral role in assisting our clients with cutting-edge technology solutions that are changing the way customers are engaging with businesses.

Our focus has been on implementing our bespoke technology into our client’s solutions, enabling them to provide their customers with an engaging app, where the primary elements available are digital on-demand services. The key outcomes being the management and measurement of real-time user experience, hyperdata from user engagement sessions, and product and revenue spread for our clients.

We’ve simplified the sourcing process to bring customers relevant service offerings and solutions through one trusted access point. It is also crucial to ensure that our product and service delivery is user-friendly, lightning fast, and has a global reach, while still providing the soft elements of human touch for emotional, social or complex tasks that artificial intelligence cannot convey.

“We offer what clients demand in a manner that suits them.”

We rely on innovative and on-demand technology to construct application software that provides real-time interactions between artificial intelligence, human agents and our clients, while also allowing for global geolocation and secure payment facilities. Thus, we can offer exactly what clients are demanding, through one secure touchpoint, and in a manner and time that suits them. Our technology is borderless and has global application and reach, enabling us to service clients in most major environments.

Simple technological integrations allow for a seamless flow from PLP Group’s digital capability sets to our client’s core business applications and often in the clients own brand. Our only limitation is that our applications are both legally and morally relevant for the requisite audience.

Disruption has become an asset for major growth and change; it’s an asset we have actively embraced and in which we have developed significant experience and credential.