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At PLP we help companies radically reinvent their customer experience. We challenge preconceived ideas and help clients deliver the kind of disruptive changes their own customers take in their stride, but that normally come from competitors. We call this “disruption by design” and it’s part of the ethos at PLP.



As digital becomes the operating norm, the range of technologies available can seem overwhelming.  At PLP we believe in using technology that serves innovation. From APIs and SDKs through to a variety of channel-specific platforms and structures, we operate in a flexible manner that works with your own technologies and platforms.



In the search for technological innovation and disruption, great service can easily be forgotten. At PLP, service is hard-wired into our DNA, which means that no matter how much we streamline a digital customer journey or employee engagement experience, we never forget what great service looks like or why it matters.

Commercials to


Certain clients use our services to reward their customers or employees – much like a benefit. Others prefer to work using a partial payment model, where users enjoy access to services at a subsidised rate, while some clients choose to use our services on a stand-alone or integrated basis as a means to drive increased income. Whatever your need, PLP can tailor a commercial structure that hits your brief.



At PLP we believe in encouraging users of our services to get the most value from them. As no two people are exactly alike, neither are their behaviours or motivations. This is why we increasingly turn to automated marketing techniques, which create literally thousands of unique customer journeys each and every month. From simple welcome messages through to time-based triggers and reminders, we develop marketing messaging that’s relevant and impactful.

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