Creating an engaged workforce



Employee engagement is the emotional and psychological contract between an employee and their organisation. This contract is experienced individually, is time-based and is influenced by the employee’s relationship with their work content and their manager.

At PLP, our programmes are designed to ensure you achieve the following objectives:

Add value to employees’


Our on-demand app allows employees to use the programme on their terms, for services and benefits that are relevant to them.

Increase productivity and


We alleviate employee stress by taking care of their day-to-day lifestyle requests, so they can rather focus on their work.

Attract and retain


Our programme builds the employees’ emotional connection with you – a key factor in attracting and retaining talent.

Communicate with employees via a consistent

communication channel

We align our programme to your talent strategy. All communication is delivered according to your brand and enables us to manage a communication journey that leads to a better user experience and higher rates of engagement. While not only meeting employees’ needs in real-time, it also builds trust, dependency and loyalty.



Accenture’s “Accent on You”

Accent on You is a fully bespoke service for the employees of Accenture in Africa.

The PLP benefit programme, together with the digital personal assistance service, has integrated seamlessly into our overall employee value proposition. It reflects our focus on providing individuals with benefits that deliver a measurable impact on their lives. For us, it is less about using technology for its own sake and more about delivering a compelling offering which our employees use daily. – Essaivani Padayachee, Total Rewards Lead at Accenture.

Unilever’s “Hey U”

Hey U is an exciting digital personal assistant service for Unilever SA employees.

As a company, we are passionate about projects that improve employee wellness, by enhancing the work-life balance. We also value innovation and purpose, which is why the Hey U programme is such a perfect fit for us. We believe it will be a catalyst for change at Unilever, where we can now better support our employees both professionally and personally, so they can continue to help us build a better business and a better world. – Mechell Chetty HR vice president Unilever Africa.

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