Building positive customer experiences



In a digital world, we’re seeing the rise of the empowered customer – this makes retaining a loyal customer base all the more challenging. We speak the language of this always connected user by delivering a programme where the customer sees real value and you benefit from increased engagement and revenue.

PLP’s customer programmes ensure that your business:

  • Stands out from the crowd
  • Stays relevant
  • Retains existing customers
  • Acquires new customers
  • Builds long-term relationships
  • Creates brand advocates



People use an average of 10 apps every day. Apps, quite simply, are a way of life. For your app to have a positive impact, it must do three things well: seamlessly blend into your customer’s life, be easy and intuitive to use, and provide exceptional customer service. Using the latest technology, such as geolocation and secure in-app payments, PLP can customise an app to meet your unique requirements or integrate into an existing app, changing the way customers engage with your business



We have evolved our on-demand services, to better engage with customers and meet their needs in real-time. Our on-demand application is different to any other, as it’s powered by artificial intelligence and backed by humans. Customers can use their phones to leave a voice note or chat with a real problem-solving person, who is available 24/7 to help with anything, anywhere, anytime. Through this service your business provides a single point of entry to answer any request, making your brand top of mind and your customers happier.

Tailored benefits &


Each business has different objectives, challenges, requirements and goals – we tailor our customer programmes accordingly. Our programmes drive utilisation by providing your customers with what they need and when they need it. In this way we ensure you entrench your business into the life stages of each customer, in a way that is relevant and meaningful.

Contact centre


Innovative technology is the backbone of our operation and our people are its heart. Our experienced teams solve your customers’ requests, while subjectively gathering relevant information and profiling members. This comprehensive insight ensures that all future conversations with your customers are informed, relevant and improve your customer’s engagement with your brand.



Cell C’s “GetMore”

GetMore is a 24/7 lifestyle assistance service available to the Cell C subscriber base.

PLP designed, developed and maintains the services, app, website and call channels, and sources and manages all supplier relationships. Reporting is provided to share usage information and deep customer insight.

Nedbank’s “HeyNed”

HeyNed is a unique lifestyle assistance service available to Nedbank clients.

Nedbank approached PLP to help innovate within its core banking app. HeyNed makes the app a vital part of a customer’s life, each and every day. With easy ways to track things down, make bookings and even pay for goods and services, we’re helping Nedbank stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry.

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