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When to seek medical advice

Boosting your immune system

Distance, Dose and Dispersion


COPING WITH COVID A GUIDE TO MANAGING MILD COVID-19 DISEASE AT HOME by Dr Aysha Kola and Dr Waasila Jassat Download the pdf guide.

Health and safety regulations for the return to work

The government has stipulated measures that must be taken by employers in order to protect the health and safety of workers and members of the public who enter their workplaces or are exposed to their working activities.   COVID-19OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH […]

Kaspersky Security update

Good Day All, Please ensure as from today YOU SHUTDOWN your workstations completely at the end of the workday. We have found a lot of machines not being shut down last night. This applies to agents that works remotely as well. There […]

COVID-19 Update

Hi Team I’d like to share the below infographic that will help summarize what the national state of disaster means for the country. Please as a reminder keep up the social distancing. I still see a lot of staff gathering […]

COVID-19 Update

Hey team I would like to thank you and commend you on your positive spirit and approach this week. I see lots of sanitising and lots of space between everyone which for now is great and we will soon get […]

COVID-19 Social Spacing

Hey Colleagues Just a friendly reminder to maintain the spacing guidelines in social areas as well e.g. the canteen, courtyard and smoking area. In case you have forgotten, here are the guidelines again: Maintain at least 1 meter distance between […]

Coronavirus Update

Hi team I wanted to thank all of you for the quick response to our action plan to tackle and contain the spread of this virus. We have already implemented remote work for those that can, all travel cancelled and […]